Australian Music Festivals: Lists

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This is the most comprehensive list of Australian music festivals in existence. The lists below give information about 346 festivals in Australia that program only music, or in which music is a feature. There are lists for nine genre groupings. The original list was compiled by Carolina Triana and published in Music Forum in April 2012.

Festivals come and go so Carolina will periodically update the lists. Readers are invited to inform the editor of changes in festival details, or of the arrival of new festivals or departure of old ones.

The lists form the basis for an extensive and unique statistical analysis of Australian music festivals. Please go to Australian Music Festivals. Also on the Knowledge Base are articles on individual festivals or types of festivals. Click on BROWSING then on ALL CATEGORIES and finally on MUSIC FESTIVALS.

The Lists


Alt=Multi-arts 2

Alt = BigSound Live

Alt=Rock/Popular Music

Alt=Country music

Alt=The Con Artists

Alt=Folk Music

Alt=Wangaratta Jazz Festival

Alt=Jazz music

Alt=Rainbow Serpent Festival

Alt=Classical music


Alt=Chooky Dancers

Alt=World and Indigenous music

Alt=Other, mainly vocal


Carolina Triana (compilation of original list) and Hans Hoegh-Guldberg (arrangement into genre groups). Entered on Knowledge Base 24 February 2014. See also author note in Australian Music Festivals.

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