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The Arts Law Centre of Australia is the national community legal centre for the arts. It offers advice, education and advocacy services to Australian artists operating across the arts and entertainment industries. In addition, Arts Law runs a service called Artists in the Black, which focuses on advising Indigenous artists and communities around Australia on arts-related legal problems.

Specialised music legal services provided by Arts Law include:

  • Preliminary advice and information on music-related legal and business matters including copyright, business names and structures, defamation, insurance and employment.
  • Mediation and legal referral services.
  • Initial telephone legal advice is free. To lodge your request for legal advice or to find more about Arts Law’s mediation and legal referral services please contact Arts Law by telephone during business hours (EST) on +61 2 9356 2566. Callers outside the Sydney metropolitan area can contact us on our tollfree number by dialling 1800 221 457.

Arts Law also provides the following information services for the music industry:

  • A number of information sheets and articles on music-related issues such as copyright, music management, publishing and recording are available for free download from the Arts Law website.
  • Sample contracts are downloadable for a fee from the Arts Law website. Sample music contracts include the Band Partnership Deed and the Music Studio Recording Agreement for Unsigned Artists. These agreements are produced with explanatory notes and sample wording for each clause and have been created to assist low-income musicians and music organisations in drafting contracts suitable for their needs.
  • Checklists are also downloadable from the Arts Law website for a nominal fee and outline basic issues that should be considered before entering into agreements. Checklists include Live Music Performance: Booking Gigs and the Music Recording Agreements Guide.

Arts Law is also involved in law and policy reform work through researching and lobbying to influence the decision making of Government and other bodies on music-related issues.


First published in Music Forum Vol 13 No 3 (May-July 2007). Submitted 2 June 2007.

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