Monthly Music Trust Bulletins


Like the Monthly Bulletin, Dick's blogs contain a record of the changing issues facing the Australian music factor over time, a valuable record for future reference.

Dick's recent blogs are first published at but eventually removed for space reasons. To make access as easy as possible, they are also published on the Knowledge Base but can be readily viewed in the file folder shown.

This archive lists all Dick's blogs from early 2014, originally published on the Music Trust site. Click once and access through the pdf link.

Full list:

File:The Artist Whistleblowers.pdf 24.3.14

File:Rhythm is it!.pdf 29.4.14

File:02 Fidgeting with the Budget.pdf 21.5.14

File:03 Killing the Wedding Party.pdf 1.6.14

File:The Arts Minister Carrying What Messages to Whom.pdf 2.7.14

File:04 Screeching Soprani and Ministerial Mysteries.pdf 5.8.14

File:Sculthorpe the Great Encourager.pdf 12.8.14

File:Thoughts on a Culturally Ambitious Nation on the Australia Council Strategic Plan.pdf 27.8.14

File:Opera Australia Doesn't Need Government Funding.pdf 6.9.14

File:Think Local, Act Global.pdf 18.9.14

File:Melba Hits High Gee.pdf 7.10.14

File:Z for Arts. Pyne's Review of the Australian Arts Curriculum.pdf 22.10.14

File:An Audience with the Minister for the Audience.pdf 2.11.14

File:Radio for the 1890s.pdf 8.11.14

File:Singing for the Germans.pdf 22.4.15

File:Scrutinising the Scrutineers, A Senate Boys' Club.pdf 22.5.15

File:The Brandis Heist.pdf 2.6.15

File:After the Heist. Actions by Brandis, the Opposition and the Arts Sector.pdf 13.8.15

File:How We Will Rule the World 2. A Strategy for Arts Advocacy.pdf 17.9.15

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