Music Health

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Health is integral to every aspect of the music industry, such as:

  • adapting to impairment of body structure and disease
  • enhancing functional ability to be able to participate in music activities
  • optimising environments to support music health and well-being
  • promoting physical, social, and cultural access for all
  • product design and development (eg. the ergonomic design of musical instruments)
  • research, policy development and planning to maximise health and well-being

Many people are involved with optimising health and well-being to support the music industry, so contributions to the mapping of this sector can come from many diverse fields:

  • music workplace health and safety
  • medicine and music
  • music therapy
  • allied health
  • nursing
  • education
  • optometry

There are many service providers and agencies that are involved with promoting and maximising music health and well-being. Some of these overlap with other arts. This is a work in progress: further service providers and details will be coming soon.

Allied Health Professions Australia

Audiologists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, orthoptists, orthotists and prosthetists, pharmacists, podiatrists, psychologists, radiographers, radiation therapists, social workers, sonographers and speech pathologists.

The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare

Australian Music Therapy Association

Combined music medicine degrees – University of Sydney

“Creative for Life” program of Griffith University, Queensland

Healthway - Western Australia

Music Health Australia

See also article on Purga Music Museum in this knowledge base.

Newcastle University program in ArtsHealth

National Centre for Creative Aging

Community Arts Participation - Mental Health and Well Being


Sandra Kirkwood. Submitted 4 December 2008.

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