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Did You Know?

Cultural funding is drying up


Are you quite aware of the trends in public arts and heritage funding? The full story shows a 23% plummeting of federal government arts funding in only seven years — and this is before the 2014-15 budget!   Learn more...

It's been called a horror budget

Alt=Parliament House, Canberra

Did you have an opportunity to see what the budget may mean to the arts, culture, heritage and the environment, some of the more vulnerable elements of the economy. This article puts them in context.   Learn more...

How "important" is music in the economy?

Alt=Abstract background

Did you know that the economic value of musical activities has declined in America and is undervalued in Australia where it excludes vital support like music education. And the statistics ignore any positive or negative impact on our cultural treasure. Our major project for 2014 reports progressive results of our research to improve this knowledge.   Learn more...

A big survey of music festivals

Alt=Rainbow Serpent Festival

Are you aware that a comprehensive list of 346 music festivals has been published? The analysis explores genres, locations, seasonal patterns and much else. The Knowledge Base already had the greatest collection of music data in Australia. This adds an unexplored field.  Learn more...

Brain science and music, a powerful duo


Do you know   that neuroscience can identify the music "hot spots" in the brain? Nine new articles range from explaining the anatomy to whether human evolution defines our attraction to rock music. Brain science has profound effects on school music education and music therapy.  Learn more...

The New Music Network


Did you know   about the New Music Network, a group of Australian ensembles and others promoting new music? New music takes time to become acceptable; Stravinsky composed "new" music 100 years ago and Beethoven 200 years ago. The NMN challenges the musical boundaries of artistic works.   Learn more...

Moorambilla Voices: A great outback program


Did you know   that a great program has existed since 2006 that particularly benefits outback Indigenous children and young people in North West NSW, who participate in high-level choral and other music making and performance alongside professional artists?   Learn more...

New on the Knowledge Base

Full list here .... Brief summaries below.

Cultural funding by government

Arts and heritage funding has been generally unable to expand for many years, and is further threatened by tighter fiscal policy.

Culture vs. economics in international trade

The conflict between culture and the economics governing international trade agreements. Full paper here.

Queens Birthday awards to music people

New AO, AM and OAM recipients including two Music Trust supporters. Please click here.

The Federal Budget

A critical review of the 2014-15 Budget focusing on arts, culture, heritage and the environment.

Arts education is a catalyst

An American blog shows the importance of music and arts teaching for education generally.

Noise exposure of music teachers

Seven articles by Malcolm Tattersall describing his pioneering work. Now directly accessible on the Knowledge Base!

Arts and culture industries in the US

These industries lost share of the total US GDP from 2005 and prospects remain sluggish in the wake of the global financial crisis.

The value of cultural industries

New statistics support a "guesstimate" that music is worth $2.5-3 billion "as GDP" — counting "cultural" industries only. A wealth of other activities starting with school and tertiary music education are not so defined ... .

Future scenarios for Australian music

We need to cooperate with people to explore the music sector's strengths and risks. We will be in contact shortly. The project is essential to help identify the brightest future for music in Australia and avoid worst cases. Please volunteer!

Our cultural assets

The first article in our big project to explore the contribution of the music sector and its long-term prospects. Subscribe  to our monthly Music Trust Bulletin  for ongoing info (see "bulletin signup" next column)!

Submission to National Curriculum Review

The score of Australian school students in maths, science and literacy is declining absolutely. More formal music teaching would help rectify this.

Our orchestras and operas neglect Australian music in their 2014 plans

The proportion of Australian works is low, even in relation to other contemporary music.

Are classical music festivals a threatened species in Australia?

Some lessons from an annual festival that lasted 11 years.

Does Rock Music Rouse the Animal Within?

Music is unique to humans, so the question should be, "Does rock music rouse the human within?"

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Music World News

The wonderful bulletin of the International Music Council.

Some stories from the current edition:

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  • Problems for Musicians in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Sénégal
  • USA: Arts Education Is Making a Comeback, but Not for the Reason You Might Think
  • It’s Time to Give Artists More Control
  • 25 Things I Want from an Online Music Service
  • Despite Hits, No Radio Love for Country Rap

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